Water Cooler Mister
Portable Misting Fan

Water Cooler Mister - Misting Fan

This portable misting fan fits on its own 10 gallon round water cooler (included). The Water Cooler Misting Fan comes with three industrial-quality misting nozzles and runs on standard 110 household power. GREAT for spot cooling areas that need up to 6 feet of quiet cool blowing mist. This little unit stands 36 inches tall and 18 inches wide and has an approximate run time of 5 hours before requiring a refill.

Just turn it on and ENJOY!

If comfort is important at your upcoming filming location, party, meeting, wedding or special event, you need to call Anytime Rentals today! Our custom Personal Mister misting fan is another example of the many advantages of dealing with the best in the business!

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