70,000 BTUs

Premier Electric Heater Packed Up and Ready to Deliver!

Rent the Premier Electric Heater from Anytime Rentals in Hollywood

Premier Electric Heater setup and ready to 70,000 BTU's of ULTRA SAFE HEAT, free of any and all odors and gases!

(uses 110V Standard Household Power)

For the Most Discriminating Client!

Anytime’s custom Premier Electric Heater delivers 70,000 BTU's of
ULTRA SAFE HEAT, free of any and all odors and gases!
 Through its high performance, computer controlled, weather proofed heat exchange system,
 clean air is pumped through its tubes into any area for your most discerning client.

Anytime Rentals carries a variety of both standard and custom portable heating equipment designed to help make you comfortable when it's cold on location or at parties or special events. We understand your problems and we're always looking for innovative ways to help make your life easier. You can always count on the "Innovators" at Anytime Rentals to have developed what you need so tell us your problem and chances are pretty good that we have already designed a solution. Keeping you warm under any conditions on location or at a party or special event is something we do extremely well!

That's just one of the many advantages of dealing with the best in the business!

Anytime Rentals in Hollywood and downtown Los Angeles carries a complete assortment of heating equipment designed to keep you comfortable at parties, special events and filming locations!

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