170,000 BTUs
(the picture shown here is the unit compacted for transport)

Heat Factory - another custom design from from Anytime Rentals

Heat Factory shown setup with booster box and additional hose

Picture above shows how you can take the first 12 feet of tubing and just have that tube blowing hot air into any given area OR you can connect that hose to the blower booster box shown in the picture to extend the tubed feet up to 50 feet shown below.

  Booster Box and additional hose are available options for the Heat Factory  Heat Factory shown with the optional booster box and extension hose

Shown below:

Heat Factory - Basic Stock Configuration with no options  Close up view of the optional Booster Box available

Shown below:

The optional "Y" Fitting for the Heat Factory to extend the range of heat Splitter Tube for Heat Factory

Great for pumping heat to stages, warehouses, hangers, tents and other cold locations. Runs on propane with A/C power required.  Extremely versatile - can be setup in a variety of configurations using the Heat Factory in conjunction with combinations of the booster box, the "Y" fitting and additional hoses that expand from 12 feet to 50 feet in length.

Anytime Rentals in Hollywood carries a complete assortment of heating equipment designed to keep you comfortable at parties, meetings, weddings, VIP special events, sporting events and filming locations!

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