What is BioDiesel?

BioDiesel is a combustible fuel that is similar to petroleum diesel, but is made from biological sources such as vegetable oils which can be used in unmodified vehicles and equipment that were originally designed to run on diesel fuel. At Anytime Rentals we use a blend of 99.9% biofuel that is of the highest quality made from soybean and walnut oils. BioDiesel, also known as the neat or eco-friendly fuel, when burned through our custom heaters, does not emit an exhaust odor like traditional petroleum diesel. Biodiesel has a pleasant smell of popcorn and french fries. Using biodiesel in our custom heaters is another example of our commitment to protect the environment.

Anytime Rentals is commited to protecting our environment. It is now using BioDiesel to fuel its custom heaters. No more odor, quiet and efficient.


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