The 9 Foot Fan!
(this is NOT a Ritter fan)


"Fan X" as we like to call it is a 9 Foot Fan that will deliver 50,000 CFM of efficient, QUIET, volume of cool blowing air by simply plugging it into any household outlet (20A-110V).  It is ideal for moving serious amounts of air on stages, airport hangers, warehouses, school gymnasiums, churches, etc.  Do not be afraid of its size!  This fan WILL NOT blow you over.  Its massive air movement is achieved through a technologically advanced motor/blade combination that spins the blades at a low RPM capturing all of the air around its 9 foot radius and blowing it 100+ feet.

If comfort is important at your upcoming filming location, party, meeting, wedding or special event, you need to call Anytime Rentals today!  Our custom 9 Foot Fan is just another example of the many advantages of dealing with the best in the business!

Anytime Rentals rents a huge assortment of portable fans, portable air conditioners, portable evaporative coolers, portable misting fans and portable misting systems to keep everybody cool at the next filming location, party, wedding, meeting or special event!

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