2 Ton Dual Port
Portable A
ir Conditioner


The two pigtails are the outlets for distributing the cold A/C air.



A designated 110 volt 20 amp regular household circuit is required.




Approximate weight of the unit is 100 pounds.

one standard 110 volt 20 amp designated circuit required


The top port is the exhaust for the hot condensed air produced by the A/C unit.




Recommended use for this unit is a 25' x 25' space.



Useful tip: you can always add one of our portable fans to extend the coverage area of the cool air

approx 20 feet of 12 inch tubing
approx 20 feet of 12 inch tubing INCLUDED for
hot air exhaust (attaches to exhaust on top of unit)

this hose is used to extend the distribution of
the cold air from the two pigtail outlets at the
top front of the unit to where it's needed
(additional fees apply for this air extension hose)

When attached, this optional portable fan, as shown, will quietly amplify
the throw of cool air as it gets delivered out of the AC unit
(additional fees apply for this portable fan).

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